Venice \ High Tide

Acqua Alta is a famous Italian word that Italians know well, it means “high water” and it is used in the Adriatic north coast to indicate high tides. Indeed this Mediterranean region is more at risk than other parts, this is because of its particularly rectangular shape and Venice is the city more affected by this calamity. Acqua Alta is intensified by the wind; in fact, the northbound winds called Bora and Sirocco often blow directly towards the harbours which increases the power and speed of the tides. November is one of the worst months for Venice, in fact, it is quite common to see Acqua Alta, but during 2019 high tides became very frequent. The worst tide has been detected on 4th November 1966 reaching the incredible number of 194cm, while on 12 November 2019 this record was almost broken by 187cm, but unlike 1966 where the water relented the day after in 2019 it did not stop; water arrived in Venice day after day, giving no respite to Venetians and the tourists who travel to visit this beautiful city.

Many studies suggest that Venice will sink within eighty years, turning it into an underwater city; scientists are expecting that sea level will rise by 140cm, but the water level is growing faster, as a result of increased concentrations of greenhouse gasses, which raise the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. During 2019 Venetians are facing an extremely difficult problem that it is impossible to resolve without international cooperation. We cannot forget that the city is a world heritage site, it does need to be preserved because without action Venice will cease to exist