Galway is one of that city which has been able to kept its ancient roots still alive. When travelling around this county one of the first thing you notice is the Gaelic language, those areas are often referred as “Gaeltacht”, an Irish-language word for any primarily Irish-speaking region. Galway represents 47% of Gaeltacth population, but just 4.5% of the whole population can speak it. Other tracks of a forgotten past can be notice thanks to its castles and churches which usually have been build in between 12 and 15 century. Some of them are still perfectly preserved, like Dunguaire Castle, while others are more ruined, but still easy to evoke a Celtic charm. One of the most famous thing in Ireland is defnitely nature, something really wild and huge. For example The Burren (Boireann, meaning “great rock”) is a glaciated karst landscape. Which basically is a lunar landscape made of white stones. Another famous wild part is Connemara, referred to as a “savage beauty” by Irish writer Oscar Wilde. This area is famous for its lakes, mountains and abbeys.

Ireland has breathtaking vistas in each part of the day, especially when sun goes through clouds it can create some scenario which seems coming directly from The Lord of Rings. It is easy to understand why Galway is a Capital of Culture; in this area history, legends and nature lives all together revealing the magnifcence of an epic country where tribes, kings and druids made it immortal.