Drive-in Revival

After 3 months of lockdown Italy is facing new waves of happiness; obviously it is not possible to party on beaches or clubs because of gathering prohibition, so Italians are experimenting the rediscovery of Drive-In. In this place is possible to have a lot of fun without being in groups, in fact everyone can be entertained just by siting inside the car.

The frst drive-in-theater was in 1916 in New Mexico, America, with the movie “Bags of Gold” by Siegmund Lubin, but we have to wait the 40’s before seeing the boom of drive-in, this was mainly thanks to the rising number of cars ownership. Another characteristic which made Drive-in so popular it was because cars could offer much more privacy than any other place and so, by the years, Drive-in became a national american symbol that testifed its economy prosperity. They became so famous that even a priest, Robert Schuller, opened in 1955 the Garden Grove Community, a drive- in-church in California.

In Italy drive-in arrived after 40 years, the frst one was in 1957 near Rome. For sure this late did not help them to spread like in America, in fact in those years television was becoming accessible to the majority and surely this has contributed to make drive-in disappear.

But in 2020 new drive-in are rising around the Italian territory, offering movies, spectacles, food, music and drink; all of this helps to prevent the Covid because everyone can easily respect the meters distancing just by remaining sited: waiters come to your car bringing food and the evening can be spent by watching a movie or a show from your car windows.

So is the Covid brushing up some of our old rituals that we lost during years?